Reading Toward a Better Understanding

The Biblearc Paraphrase course will help students improve their personal study of Scripture by developing skills in careful reading, discerning the main point, creating an outline, and writing a summary and paraphrase. The course will acquaint students with a variety of tools and methods involved in each discipline and will provide guided practice aimed at honing these skills. As paraphrasing is itself a tool for (and a test of) understanding, the ultimate aim is that students grow in the sound handling of Scripture. This means study rooted in prayerful meditation, leading to an accurate understanding, which then stirs a heartfelt treasuring, which prompts an eager obedience to the Word of God.
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An online, interactive course

Our core courses, called “Path Courses,” are designed to lead you deeper in your study of Scripture through academic rigor and a heart of worship. We have laid out fifteen different courses along the entire spectrum of Bible study training so that there might be something for everyone—both new believers and veteran pastors, stay-at-home moms and missionaries. These courses are conveniently online and include personal coaching, feedback on assignments, big rewards, and more. All of this to help you persevere to the end and truly learn to study the scriptures in greater depth. Our classroom also covers the globe, giving you the opportunity to participate in a truly unique form of fellowship. Finally, path courses are built to equip you to use Biblearc’s extensive Bible study toolbox so you can go on to discover new biblical glories for yourself.

About the "seeing what's there" series

Good Bible study begins with good reading. And this happens as we train ourselves to make careful observations, ask important questions and recognize key points in the text. Millions of people have discovered great value in reading the Bible with a pencil or highlighter in hand. This course series brings the pencil and highlighter to the digital age and lays out core principles for a thoughtful study of the Word.


As a course among the “first steps” of Biblearc’s Path Courses, the Paraphrase Course will not require a prior knowledge of arcing/bracketing, although there may well be students whose experience in arcing has stirred an interest in paraphrasing. Neither will it require an in-depth knowledge of grammar terminology or rules.

Meet the Course Creator

Work load

This course is composed of ten lessons, with each lesson ending in an assignment. A single lesson will take the average student three hours to complete. Students are invited to progress at their own pace. Your coach will inquire as to your intended pace shortly after you begin and help keep you accountable to stay on schedule.


Path courses all end with an assessment to determine your grasp of the skills learned and material covered. Successfully passing an assessment requires a high degree of understanding and is meant to serve as a motivation to take your study seriously as well as a catalyst to improve the standard of Bible study in the Biblearc community.
Students who pass the assessment will have their Biblearc account marked with a proficiency badge indicating their accomplishment. They will also earn exciting rewards.
If you do not pass an assessment, you may retry after one week’s time.


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This course is currently available in English only.

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